Arowana Proshop Sales the best of Arowana and place to buy or purchase any kind of varieties Asian Arwana (Arowana Fish) from standard to contest qualities located in Cibubur, Bekasi, Indonesia

Arowana Proshop sale the best of varieties Asian Arwana (Arowana Fish) from standard to contest qualities located in Cibubur, Bekasi, Indonesia

The Asian Arowana (Scleropages formosus)

is a freshwater fish indigenous to Southeast Asia where it inhabits slow moving waters, rivers and streams. Entirely carnivorous it has become an icon of cultural significance for its grace, longevity, incredible colour and stature and has earned the name Dragon Fish referencing the Chinese Dragon.
Indonesian Arowana Super Red Sale only divide to Chilli Red Arwana and Blood Red Sale not like other country divide into many names. Super Red sale is one of the most expensive fish sale in the world hence to high demand and low supply of it. Breeding an arowanas is not easy especially super red type, need about 5 years to reach maturity for succesful breeding. Each individual will spawn at different times of the year. The breeding cycle is around 1-2 times per year. There are very rare instances where an arowana spawns 3 times a year.
Last but not least , good luck! and yes we need a lot of good luck in order to succeed in breeding.
Currently an endangered species, it is bred under license and close monitoring by the Asian agricultural authorities, and each fish exported outside of Asia is microchip, certified and licensed for transport.

Asian Arowana for sale can be categorised in the following varieties:

Green Arowana for sale
Banjar Red (Red Grade 2, Red Grade 1.5, Yellow Tail Green)
Red Tail Golden Arowana< for sale/h6>

Golden Crossback Arowana for sale
Tong Yang for sale
Red Grade 1 Arowana (Super Red, Chilli Red) for sale

Each of these varieties has developed completely independently from the others, with each colour originating from a different location in Asia.
AROWANA PROSHOP Indonesia containing super reds Arwana and young super reds Arwana and a show room. is planning to breed super red arowana. Now the arowana company providing high quality young super red and adult super red. The showroom is on above mention address. The water, filtration and the diet of the arowanas is taking care daily to provide healthy and beautiful arowanas. arwana for sale.

Green Arowana - Indonesia
Banjar Red - Banjar Nasin Arwana
Red Tail Golden - Sumatra Arwana
Golden Crossback - Malaysia Arwana
Tong Yang - Hybrid between Golden Crossback and Red Grade 1 Arwana
Red Grade 1 - Kalimantan (Kapaus River, Sentarum Lake)

The demand of the market has exceeded the quantity available, the price of arowanas is rising continuously. Because of the attractiveness of its high price being a good investment opportunity, people like keeping 1 or even 10 pcs of arowanas in their home / office. Somehow it believe that arowanas can bring luck to the owner and can protect the owner from evil spirit or bad luck.

We are now aware of the peculiarity of arowana. If we wish our arowana to grow beautifully, we must take extensive care of the fish during its growing phase.

It require passion and loving heart to keep an arowana. That could mean time and money has to be spent on it. Only the rich and able one can afford to to so. Therefore, keeping arowana is no longer a hobby, but a representation of one's status.

Arowana Shop Center and Showroom

Arowana is an exotic oriental freshwater species that very longed by most hobbyists and aquarium world wide. This is because it able to exhibit its originality as high quality classical oriental fish. On the other hand, the Arowana large scales and barbells resemble of the Dragon type and hence, its common name was called “Dragon Fish”

Arowana has its specialty because of its beautiful attractive movement. Beside, its large shiny and attractive scale enables this species to become king of ornamental fish that are both unique and exclusive.

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A convenient reliable and guaranteed source of Arowana / Arwana fishes

Arowana Proshop  is the right place to purchase asian Arowana (Arwana) fishes located in Cibubur, Bekasi of Indonesia Country. Arowana Proshop sale a wide range of the best Arowana variety starting from standard to contest qualities.

We sale F2 (second generation) and F3 ( third generation ) through captive breeding. Hence, all our fishes are electronically tagged with a microchip (bearing an unique number) near their stomach wall. In addition, each fish will also be issued a ‘Certificate of Identity’, bearing that special number, by the Indonesia Government.

The Arowana Proshop comprises several varieties of freshwater in the genus Scleropages. Some sources differentiate these varieties into multiple species. Arowana (Arwana) is probably, the most expensive fresh water, ornamental fish in the World, the Indonesian Arowana is indeed a beauty to withhold. It is viewed as sort of reincarnation of the Dragon due to its Hugh, brightly colored scales and barbels at the tip of it’s mouth.

Indonesian arowanas are considered “lucky” by many people, especially by those from Asian cultures. This reputation derives from the species’ resemblance to the Chinese dragon, considered an auspicious symbol. The large metallic scales and double barbels are features shared by the Chinese dragon, and the large pectoral fins are said to make the fish resemble “a dragon in full flight.

In addition, positive Feng Shui associations with water and the red arowana color and golden arowana make these fishes popular for aquariums. One belief is that while water is a place where chi gathers, it is naturally a source of yin energy and must contain an “auspicious” fish such as an arowana in order to have balancing yang energy.

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